White Collar Crime in Practice Course Portfolio

Posted: September 3, 2013

Wes Reber Porter

Golden Gate University School of Law offers the White Collar Crime in Practice course as a first year elective. The course provides an introduction to the exciting and current world of white-collar crime and early exposure to “lawyering skills”– learning by doing – and the core values of the legal profession. The learning objectives include that students will better understand: (i) fundamental criminal law concepts through our discussion of white collar crime; (ii) some “traditional” white-collar crimes such as scheme to defraud offenses, bribery, money laundering, securities and FCPA, and obstruction of justice offenses; (iii) the federal criminal process – including investigation, grand jury, defense perspective, plea negotiations, discovery and motions, trial, and sentencing issues; and (iv) investigation and litigation strategies related to fact gathering, witness interviews, negotiation, and persuasive presentations.


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